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French Doors in Suffolk

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French Doors

French doors have stood out for many centuries to date because of their continental style and elegance which makes them perfect stylistic additions to any home. As the name suggests, French doors originate from France. They were first used in French homes in the 1600s and led outwards onto small balconies. Today, the doors are a welcome touch to very many types of homes worldwide.

Although many innovations and design tweaks have taken place over the years, French doors have still managed to maintain their sophistication. They are among the most popular doors for homeowners looking to install stylish exits into their gardens. You can open one or two doors fully or partially to get various atmospheres and feels. The doors are simply perfect for blurring the line between homes and gardens during summer.

Get a brighter home

French doors are also perfect for brightening homes. They create that feeling of openness and space thanks to their large glass doors which allow natural light to flood into your living area. The doors are therefore perfect for homeowners who want to enjoy plenty of natural light as they relax, entertain guests or work. French doors can easily qualify as the best doors for bringing the outdoors indoors.

Get a warmer home

You also stand to enjoy a warmer home when you install our French doors. Our doors are perfect for both summer and winter. This can be attributed to the double and triple glazing options we offer which keep cold air out and warm air in during cold weather. Our French doors are also expertly sealed and made of fantastic insulating materials. This minimises heat loss immensely during cold weather which in turn reduces the need to constantly heat your home – meaning you end up paying lower energy bills.


Energy efficiency benefits aside, you also stand to enjoy better security. Our French doors are made of strong materials. The doors also feature many security safeguards i.e. hookbolts and shootbolts as well as key locks. Such features ensure that you have a door that is safe and secure day and night.


We also offer highly customised French door designs to ensure that you end up with a French door that is extremely unique to you and your home only. We can make any type of French door designs you want as well as include any special features to ensure you end up with a truly unique French door.

We offer a variety of finishes and colours to choose from. We also offer a variety of materials from hardwood and UPVC to aluminium and conservation. These materials come with numerous benefits. You can therefore rest assured that you will get the most superior French doors that don’t compromise on the security of your home.


Our French doors also come with a 10 year guarantee which clearly shows that we make superior French doors that are bound to stand the test of time.

For more information on the French Door options we offer, call us on 01473 467173. We have a team of experts waiting to answer all your questions.

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