A glass conservatory roof for homes in Sudbury & Cambridge

If you’re dreaming of a classic glazed roof combined with modern thermal benefits, it’s time to take a look at our high-performance glazed roofing system. Perfect for appreciating stunning panoramic views all year round, our enlightening glazed roofs intelligently re-energise tired conservatory, orangery, and extension spaces too. They also include a range of decorative flourishes and stylish partitions, ensuring that we create a totally bespoke roofing solution for you.

Increase the natural light that flows through your home with a glass conservatory roof from A&B Asset

Simple to install, the A&B Asset team will work tirelessly to create a gleaming glazed roof that will complement & enhance your home with ease. Bask in a range of health-boosting benefits that are only attainable with an uplifting glazed conservatory roof installation from A&B Asset.

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Glass conservatory roofs from A&B Asset have state-of-the-art glazing options fitted

Fit your new glazed roof around your unique lifestyle, via 4 advanced glazing options;

  • Standard glass; U-value: 2.7W/(m²K) / G-value: 78% / Light transmission: 82%. This provides excellent energy effiiency abilities to keep your conservatory an optimal temperature all year round.
  • Smartglass; U-value: 1.2W/(m²K) / G-value: 40% / Light transmission: 52% / Warm-edge technology. This option also includes a 'self-clean' coating as standard, eliminating any maintenance needs and uses warm edge technology to enhance its thermal capabilities.
  • Smartglass Ultimate; U-value: 1.0W/(m²K) / G-value: 20% / Light transmission: 27%. This glass delivers even better energy efficiency performances and is available in the popular cool blue tint colour
  • Smartglass Ultra; U-value: 1.0W/(m²K) / G-value: 14% / Light transmission: 15%. This is currently the best performing glass available on the market. It offers unparalleled heat retenton performances to reduce your home's energy bills and improve your home's carbon footprint.
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A Black round conservatory

Our high performance glass conservatory roof boasts energy-efficiency

State-of-the-art glazing options aside, glass conservatory roofs from A&B Asset offer far superior insulating properties. Some of our customers' favourites are:

  • It boasts an incredibly low U-value that surpasses building regulations for greater thermal performances, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of your conservatory
  • Our glass is solar controlled, so when your conservatory reaches a comfortable temperature, the glass will deflect the heat from the sun
  • The glass in our conservatory roofs guarantees no leaks or draughts as they include innovative spacer bars, insulated perimeters, and chambered top cars, which could even save you money on your heating bills - something we know our customers love
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A glass conservatory roof that includes self-cleaning properties

    To make your life easier, a glass conservatory roof from A&B Asset uses advanced self-cleaning glass which uses the sun's energy to burn off any dirt, and the invisible coating aids water in removing any debris from building up.

    This means that if any dirt sticks to this specially treated glass, the sun's rays break it down into tiny particles that are easily washed away naturally by the rain, even more so on a pitched roof. Not only does this innovative glass technology keep the glass cleaner for longer, it also provides you with an ongoing cost saving by lowering your cleaning or electricity bills.

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