Eco-friendly aluminium doors for homes in Sudbury & Cambridge

Aluminium doors, also known as the ‘green metal’ as it is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials on the market and 100% reyclable, have dominated the commercial construction sector for as long as we can remember. But as more of us turn towards durable yet recyclable building materials for our home improvements, aluminium doors are growing in popularity throughout residential developments across Cambridge and beyond.

Unforgettable and unbeatable security, aluminium doors from A&B Asset are environmentally-friendly

Offering the slimmest sightlines out of all the entrance materials, less frame means more glass; a fundamental feature of modern architecture. Available as beautiful bi-fold doors, striking front & back doors, modern French doors and contemporary sliding patio doors, modern aluminium is thermally-sound and incredibly strong yet lightweight. These exceptional qualities make aluminium the ideal material for making bold architectural statements for both contemporary and classically styled homes.

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    Our aluminium doors are available in any RAL colour. With our ‘Kolor bond’ system, you can customise your door’s colour to perfectly match your home.

    Aluminium Colours

    Any RAL Colour

    Any RAL Colour

    Made-to-measure aluminium doors in Sudbury and Cambridge

    We understand that no two properties are ever the same, which is why our aluminium doors can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to suit. From front and back doors to French doors and sliding patio doors, our doors are made-to-measure and we are confident that we have a style for you. Their smooth appearance and aesthetics can easily modernise your home in Sudbury or Cambridge.

    Available in 150+ RAL colours and a range of woodgrain effects, all our aluminium doors include double or triple glazing and include decorative glass designs if that is what you would like. So, each one is customisable to complement your home's aesthetics.

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    Light blue aluminium front door
    bifold doors

    Opt for aluminium doors for their excellent energy efficiency

    As well as being fully recyclable, our aluminium doors are naturally insulating and feature a multi-layered frame with insulated cavities. This substantially reduces any draughts from entering your home, and improves thermal efficiencies by at least 30%!

    If saving money on your energy bills is important to you then aluminium doors are the perfect solution as they are excellent at retaining heat - the more heat kept inside, the less we are reliant on central heating, reducing our carbon footprint. Able to achieve A+ energy ratings, you can be confident that your home will remain at an optimal temperature all year round.

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    Aluminium doors are lightweight and low-maintenance

    An aluminium door is the perfect choice for busy homeowners as they are designed to be virtually maintenance-free. However, to get the most out of your investment and keep your aluminium doors looking in pristine condition, we would recommend cleaning them with a basic cleaning detergent such as a citrus cleaner, white vinegar or baking soda to keep them looking as clean as they did on the day of installation.

    Another benefit of aluminium doors is that they actively resist warping, flexing, fading, rotting, corrosion and pest infestation. This gives you peace of mind that our aluminium doors are long-lasting and with regular upkeep, will boast an impressive average lifespan of 45 years.

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    Dark grey double aluminium doors
    Cream aluminium bifold door

    Choose aluminium doors for their high security features

    The combination of durability and strength makes aluminium the perfect choice for replacement back and front doors. Remaining resistant to any movement with heat variations and unwanted burglars, you can rest assured that your family will remain safe as houses.

    Like all our doors, aluminium doors are fitted with advanced security fittings. Fitted with 8-point locks and toughened glass as standard, aluminium doors provide excellent anti-burglary protection.

    • Toughened glass - also known as tempered glass - is up to five times stronger than regular glass, giving you peace of mind that your family will be kept safe and sound.
    • If the rare occasion did occur where the glass shattered, it would break into small pieces, making it a safer option than shards of normal glass.

    As they can withstand constant harsh windows and conditions without weakening over time, the durability of aluminium doors makes them perfect for homes in harsher environments such as coastal areas.

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    Less frame, more glass with aluminium doors

    Our assortment of aluminium doors, more specifically French doors, bi-fold doors, and sliding patio doors are great for bringing the outside in and open up access to your outside space. Besides acting as a bridge to the exterior of your house, there are many benefits of these particular styles of doors including:

    • Maximising natural light and airflow through your home
    • All our aluminium products are fitted with 8-point locks and toughened glass as standard
    • Boasting unique slimline frames, this premium door material is a natural insulator that can achieve U-values of 1.32 W/m2k

    All our aluminium products are available in double toughened glazing and additional security features can be included to suit your personal preference.

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    Closed aluminium french door
    large patio sliding door

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