Window Furniture for Homes in Sudbury & Suffolk

To add the finishing touches to your replacement windows, choose from our extensive collection of window furniture pieces. With window styles ranging from contemporary tilt and turns to beautifully traditional sliding sash windows, we’re sure to have the perfect choice to add the perfect decorative touches to your new windows, including modern chrome handlebars and heritage monkey tail handles.

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Window handle colours to suit any home

The choice of window handle colours available to you depends on the window frame material as each colour selection is chosen individually to complement the specific material's texture and finish.

Window handles for our uPVC windows can be finished in white, satin, chrome, gold and black. Aluminium window handle options include colour-coordinated options or metallic. The colour-coordinated range includes anthracite grey, slate grey, black grey, jet black, dark metallic silver and white, whilst the metallic choices are chrome, satin, silver and gold.

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Window handle colours
uPVC casement window

Trickle vents will protect replacement windows

The primary role of trickle vents is to ventilate your rooms as they allow a consistent and clean airflow to circulate around the rooms whilst eliminating any polluted air from the outside to get into your home. Trickle vents won't need to be installed for new windows, however, they are legally required if the existing windows you are looking to replace already have them fitted.

You can find trickle vents on the top horizontal window frame, and we can finish them in the exact same colour as the window frame for a seamless appearance.

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Window restrictors and peg window stays

A window restrictor is fitted to a window to limit the size of the opening, which makes them ideal for homeowners who have young children as you won't need to be concerned about the window opening too wide. You won't need to worry about them spoiling the design of the window as they are placed on the inside of the window so they can't be seen. There are several styles to choose from, such as cabin hooks, concealed restrictor arms, cable restrictors and sash jammers. We can advise on the best choice for your specific windows and home.

Stemming from original wooden windows, peg window stays are a traditional window feature that are still commonly found on heritage window styles. They include either one or two pins on the bar so you can decide on the window opening size. Peg window stays can be fitted on our uPVC timber effect windows to add to the traditional design.

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Peg stays
uPVC window with heritage style Monkey Tail handles

Sash window furniture

As sash windows have a unique sliding opening functionality, we fit our uPVC sash windows with their own range of bespoke window furniture elements which includes:

  • Sash lifts and pulls - these are used to open and close the window, and can have either a lift or pull mechanism depending on your individual requirements. You can choose from decorative curved or flat lifts.
  • Sash handles - these have the same role as a sash lift but it uses a handle design instead. They're more frequently found on modern sash window styles.
  • Sash fasteners - these keep both of the windowpanes securely together when the window is closed.
  • Sash pulley - found on the side of the window, the frame slides simply over the pulley which assists in the easy sliding mechanism.
  • Sash horns - these add a heritage touch to the traditional window design as well as stopping the sashes from opening further than they should.
  • Sash eyes/ring pulls - you can add these as an additional extra to sash windows. The ring-shaped style can be used to help with opening the sash.
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