Entrance doors: Composite vs uPVC

The last thing you see when leaving home and the first thing you see upon arriving back again, entrance doors play an important role, aesthetically and practically, to the overall feel of a property. Whether you live in a classic-style rural cottage or something a little more modern, the continuing debate around composite vs uPVC doors is handily proven irrelevant when working with A&B Asset as your home improvement installer of choice.

We squeeze the maximum amount of potential out of every product, material, and tool we work with, but what’s the specific difference between the two most popular entrance door styles?

Reliable entrance doors with subtle differentiating factors

Despite common misconceptions, there are plenty of intricate differences between composite and uPVC entrance doors outside of the obvious materials they use. From levels of tweakable style, energy performance, and affordability, we’ve put together an outline comparing the benefits of each to paint a much clearer picture for homeowners.

Composite doors – Vintage looks with contemporary appeal

A combination of multiple materials, composite entrance doors utilise this dense internal make-up to their full advantage by offering unparalleled defence against intruders and impressive insulation levels. Coated in a layer of Glass Reinforced Plastic or “GRP”, this ensures that all composite doors stay looking good once fitted, properly prepared to defend itself from the harshest of weather elements.

Composite doors can be supplied and installed to suit most property styles, working especially well in traditional properties like manors and cottages due to their timber-like aesthetic. They allow UK homeowners to enjoy the look and feel of authentic wood, introducing thermal and security performance levels every 21st century property is expected to maintain.

  • Multi-layered core for high security and thermal retention
  • Outer skin of GRP to reduce fading and improve weather defence
  • Classic aesthetics with modern performance
  • Extremely low maintenance

uPVC entrance doors – The well-rounded entrance style

One of the most popular entrance door styles on the market, uPVC doors are renowned for their versatile style, thanks to the natural flexibility that comes with the material, as well as their impressive affordability. Once fitted, this cost-effectiveness is contained thanks to impressive energy efficiency levels which means money can be saved on bills.

Multi-point locking comes integrated into every uPVC entrance door as standard, giving homeowners absolute peace of mind that their home will be defended against elements and intruders alike. This is in addition to the material’s natural degree of strength and durability. All of which comes together for a dependable front entrance option.

  • Improved levels of energy efficiency
  • Versatile aesthetics to suit most styles of home
  • Extremely low maintenance with no risk of fading
  • Highly affordable and cost-effective

Trustworthy and stylish entrance solutions from A&B Asset

Installing windows, doors, and conservatories nationwide, we at A&B Asset are confident that in uPVC and composite entrance doors, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for your home. Tailorable to your exact liking, personal preference, and house style, get in touch with a team member today to reinvigorate the front-facing side of your property.

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