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Edwardian Conservatories in Suffolk

Conservatory & Orangery Awards Winner 2019
UPVC Edwardian Conservatory Aluminium Edwardian Conservatory Hardwood Edwardian Conservatory Aluminium Edwardian Conservatory UPVC Edwardian Conservatory Hardwood Edwardian Conservatory UPVC Edwardian Conservatory UPVC Edwardian Conservatory Hardwood Edwardian Conservatory UPVC Edwardian Conservatory Hardwood Edwardian Conservatory UPVC Edwardian Conservatory UPVC Edwardian Conservatory Hardwood Edwardian Conservatory Edwardian conservatory with white upvc from interior Aluminium Edwardian Conservatory Hardwood Edwardian Conservatory

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Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories have a design that has a close resemblance with the Victorian style conservatory except for some few details. The latter consists of a floor plan that is more rectangular and also utilises the use of its internal space to the fullest. It is easy to identify an Edwardian conservatory due to its unique features like the apex roof and a front that is generally flat. It is seen as a perfect blend for both traditional as well as modern homes, making it a smooth fit for most homes. It is preferred by many people due to the large floor space it offers which gives people a chance to fit in more furniture.


One of the best advantages of this conservatory range is that it is easy to customise by choosing the preferred elements you desire. It is possible to make a choice from Hardwood, UPVC and Aluminium for your choice material to make it blend with your home in a seamless manner. You can also customise it in a way that will match with the rest of the house features making it beautiful. There are various options to choose from ranging from different colours, style elements and window finishes, thereby creating a finish that is only unique to your house.

What’s Changed For Conservatories?

In the past, conservatories could become too cold in winter and too hot in summer to be able to enjoy all year round, but developments in design have meant that it’s possible to enjoy your conservatory all year round at a comfortable temperature.

Molan polycarbonate is offered in place of regular polycarbonate roof glazing. The molan polycarbonate has some aluminium inserts which enable it to reflect light at a better rate than the conventional polycarbonate. This reduces the conservatory from heating up to levels that are unbearable. A glass that is self-cleaning is also used due to its ability to insulate well and allow light to pass through. This allows the conservatory to be both clean all year round as well as comfortable.

Why Invest in an Edwardian Conservatory?

There are various reasons as to why it is beneficial to invest in such a conservatory. Below are some of them;

  • It presents you with a simple way of extending your house.
  • It easily adapts to various uses within the home be it an office, dining room or even a play room. The glass provides a bright and inspiring atmosphere.
  • A conservatory acts as a middle ground between the house and the garden. It creates a terrace feeling in your house.
  • In addition to this, it increases the total value of your house and it is usually one of the factors that attract customers to your home when you decide to sell it.

If you’d like to find out more about our Edwardian Conservatories, call us experts free on 01473 467173 who will be happy to answer your questions.

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