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UPVC Shaped Windows in Suffolk

UPVC Shaped Window

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UPVC Shaped Windows

UPVC has very many benefits over traditional home improvement materials like wood. For instance, UPVC is maintenance free but will still looks good every day for years to come. This is by far one of the most popular UPVC benefits. The typical homeowner today leads a very busy lifestyle to keep worrying about regular costly window maintenance. This is precisely why UPVC has become a very popular material in many households today. UPVC looks great and requires little to no maintenance since it doesn’t flake, fade or crack like typical wood. This makes UPVC the best material for a faultless look that is bound to last many years to come.

When you use UPVC to make shaped windows, you end up with an outstanding window that offers very many benefits. Shaped windows are known for their outstanding shape which adds an unmatched touch of uniqueness in every home. If you want your home to stand out, shaped windows are a perfect option. We offer a variety of different shaped windows creating something that is uniquely brilliant.


Some of the shapes we offer include; octagon, half-round, round, triangle and square shapes. We also offer highly customised shapes for clients who have very unique tastes and preference. When you choose us, you can only be limited by your imagination. We offer highly bespoke UPVC shaped windows that are bound to make your home the talk of your town. We also offer a variety of colour and finishing options for you to choose from.

This means your windows will match your home perfectly as well as you most unique tastes and preferences. You’ll also benefit from a more energy efficient home when you replace your existing windows with our UPVC shaped windows. Our windows are designed with double or triple glazing to keep out draughts and trap warm air inside your home during cold weather. The result will be a warmer home with lower energy bills because no heating will go to waste.

Apart from offering you energy efficiency benefits, our glazing also makes your home more soundproof. If you live in a noisy neighbourhood, you stand to enjoy a quieter home and a good night sleep when you install our UPVC shaped windows. Security and safety concerns will also be a thing of the past when you install our windows. UPVC is strong enough to protect your home from harsh weather and burglars.

UPVC also stands out for its quality. UPVC may be more affordable but it doesn’t lack in quality like most cheap home improvement materials. UPVC therefore offers the best value for money. You get a maintenance free material that is energy efficient, easy to clean and comes in a wide variety of colours. UPVC is clearly the perfect solution many home owners have been looking for.

Why you should consider installing UPVC shaped windows

  • Our windows are affordable but strong, easy to clean, energy efficient and attractive.
  • Our UPVC shaped windows will set your home apart from the rest thanks to our extremely unique shapes and finishes. Your home is bound to win the admiration of your neighbours, family as well as potential home buyers.
  • You stand to save a lot of money on your energy bills without compromising on comfort.

For more information on the UPVC shaped windows we offer, call us today on 01473 467173. We have a team of dedicated window experts waiting to answer all your questions.

A Rated Windows

  • A&B Asset windows are typically A- or A+ rated, for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Check out our amazing finance options here at A&B Asset, get up to 3 years interest free credit.


  • Check out the Installation process and everything that happens throughout the project.


  • The units you have had installed should look good for a long time if you follow our guidelines.

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