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Aluminium Shaped Windows in Suffolk

Aluminium Shaped Window

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Aluminium Shaped Windows

As the name suggests, aluminium shaped windows are simply shaped windows made using aluminium. Shaped windows are popular in many homes because they give homes a very unique personality and character. In fact, shaped windows are the best types of windows for adding unmatched uniqueness to your home. There is no better way to set your home miles apart from the crowd other than to install shaped windows.

It doesn’t matter if you already have shaped windows in your home. You can make them more exciting and energy efficient. You can also personalise them to match your most unique tastes and preferences by taking advantage of the shaped window variety we offer to create windows that are truly special.

Some of the shape varieties we offer include; half round, vast round, pentagon, octagon, triangle and square. It is however important to note that you can have any interesting shape you can think of. We offer highly bespoke shaped windows to ensure that our clients get exactly what they want. It doesn’t matter if your home is traditional or modern. We will offer you shaped windows that match your home perfectly as well as your own personal tastes and preferences.


It is important to recognise the strength of aluminium. When used to make shaped window frames, the windows are guaranteed to last for years because of aluminium’s strength and longevity. When you couple that with aluminium’s style and our variety of shapes, you are guaranteed of ending up with the perfect aluminium shaped windows for you and your home.


We offer a variety of colours and finishes. Our clients can even go as far as choosing dual colour options i.e. white colour on the inside and a preferred colour on the outside. We offer deep coated white, black, red, brown, grey and green finishes. You are therefore assured of getting the perfect colour and finishing variety for you and your home.


We break all our aluminium products thermally using a 2-part polyamide barrier which substantially reduces cold transfer (from outside) to interior surfaces. When coupled with our double or triple glazed window options, you are assured of a warmer and more energy efficient home since you won’t be required to heat your home often.


Our aluminium shaped windows also offer fantastic security benefits thanks to aluminium’s strength. Aluminium is one of the best materials for keeping burglars away. When you combine aluminium with our multi-point locking system as well as our safety glass, your home’s security and safety will be guaranteed.

Why you should consider installing our aluminium shaped windows

  • Shaped windows are perfect for bringing in style and individuality to your home which impresses guests, family members as well as potential buyers.
  • Aluminium is extremely strong and attractive. You are therefore assured of security and safety benefits without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your home.
  • Our aluminium shaped windows are thermally treated which simply means you will enjoy the strength of the windows coupled with the thermal benefits.
  • We offer a variety of shape options allowing you to choose a style which matches your home perfectly as well as your own personal tastes and preferences.
  • You stand to enjoy a warmer, more comfortable and energy efficient home.

For more information on the aluminium shaped window options we have, feel free to call us on our Freephone number 01473 467173. We have a team of dedicated window professionals waiting to answer your call.

A Rated Windows

  • A&B Asset windows are typically A- or A+ rated, for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Check out our amazing finance options here at A&B Asset, get up to 3 years interest free credit.


  • Check out the Installation process and everything that happens throughout the project.


  • The units you have had installed should look good for a long time if you follow our guidelines.

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