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Aluminium Secondary Windows in Suffolk

Aluminium Secondary Window Aluminium Secondary Window Aluminium Secondary Window Aluminium Secondary Window Aluminium Secondary Window

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Aluminium Secondary Windows

Most heritage home owners have been left out for a long time when it comes to modern window options and benefits. Over the years, heritage home owners have been forced to live in cold and draughty homes. But this doesn’t need to be the case if you install our secondary windows which are specially designed to keep all kinds of homes warm including heritage homes.

Many heritage home owners are forced to live in cold homes because of a lack of adequate options which don’t interfere with the character of their homes. With our secondary windows, you don’t have to choose which factor to compromise i.e. the comfort or character of your home. You can have a warmer home without interfering with the existing character of your home. In fact, you don’t need to change your existing windows at all.


Secondary windows are perfect for making your home energy efficient, lowering your energy bills and making your home warmer during winter without destroying the existing charm of your home or being required to apply for planning permission. Our secondary windows have been proven to minimise heat loss immensely by over 70%. We install a secondary internal frame 100 mm apart from existing windows. This offers the much needed defence against the cold. It’s in fact a more effective way of keeping draughts and cold air out.

We offer a variety of window glazing options. For instance, we offer window glazing thickness up to 6.4 mm. It’s important to note that the thicker the glazing, the warmer your home will be. We also offer a variety of opening options from vertical & horizontal sliders to tilt systems, lift outs and hinge openings.


We also offer a variety of aluminium secondary window styles and designs. For instance, we have windows available in white, brown, black, green, red and grey deep coated finishes. This variety allows you to end up with the perfect aluminium secondary windows for your home. We combine premium grade aluminium with safety glass and unique multi-point locking systems to offer extremely unique and high quality aluminium secondary windows.

We understand the challenges faced by heritage home owners in their plight to keep energy costs down as well as reserve the character of their homes. This is precisely why we offer secondary windows which can match with any heritage home style and character you can think off. Our secondary windows also offer heritage home owners an excellent chance to enjoy a warmer home in an easier and more affordable way.


  • It is also important to note that our aluminium secondary windows require very little to no maintenance. You are therefore assured of enjoying a warmer home minus any further upkeep costs. Your windows will look good all day every day for years without having to do tedious and costly maintenance.
  • Our aluminium secondary windows also come with extra security, safety and noise reduction benefits. You will therefore enjoy a more secure, safe and peaceful home when you install our windows not to mention the energy saving benefits you stand to enjoy.
  • Your home’s character will also be left intact. We are simply offering many heritage home owners a solution they have been looking for desperately for many years.

If you’d like to find out more about our aluminium secondary windows, then please call our experts free on 01473 467173 to find out more.

A Rated Windows

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