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Secondary Windows in Suffolk

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Secondary Windows

Heritage home owners have had a hard time for years getting windows which keep off cold draughts without altering the existing character of their home. Many other home owners face the same problem. But thanks to secondary glazing you can have the best of both worlds and have both a warmer home and an exterior that stays true to its architecture roots.

Secondary glazing allows home owners to enjoy warmer homes without comprising the style of original windows. Secondary glazing involves installing a second internal frame from the existing windows approximately 100 mm apart. The resulting gap between the primary and secondary windows reduces heat loss by approximately 70 percent.

We offer fully bespoke secondary glazing meaning that you will have perfectly fitting secondary windows that match your existing windows as well as your tastes and preferences when you choose us. We also offer variety in colour with over 200 colour options which are bound to match with any home style. You can find our slim and stylish double glazing options in any colour and style you can think of.

We also offer variety in opening i.e. tilt opening, lift out & hinged, horizontal and vertical sliders and so much more. You’ll find that secondary glazing is a very cost effective insulation solution that also helps you save a lot of money on your energy bills without compromising comfort, style, personal tastes and preferences. We have windows with up to 6.4 mm thickness so you are assured of maximum energy efficiency, warmth and comfort when you choose us.

Is secondary glazing good for my home?

Secondary glazing is perfect for heritage home owners who want a warmer home but don’t want to change the style/character of their existing windows completely. Secondary glazing is also good if you don’t have permission to change your existing windows but you want a warmer home. Since secondary glazing is cost effective, it’s a perfect way to make your home warmer without compromising the style of your home and incurring huge costs. Since energy bills keep rising every year, it makes a lot of sense to minimise heat loss in your home so that you heat your home less but still enjoy adequate warmth and comfort.

Secondary glazing benefits

  • Secondary glazing offers you a warmer home that is cheaper to run since you stand to get lower energy bills. Secondary glazing eliminates the need to constantly heat your home which translates to low heating costs.
  • Secondary glazing also improves security by providing a second layer of thick glass which offers better defence against burglars and intruders.
  • Secondary glazing also reduces outside noise – giving you a more peaceful home that is perfect for relaxing and sleeping.
  • We offer highly personalised secondary windows that meet the exact specifications, tastes and preferences of our clients. You will therefore get secondary windows which match you and your home perfectly.

If you happen to be convinced that secondary glazing is for you, we have a team of experts waiting to offer you professional help and advice. Feel free to call them for free on 01473 467173 today.

A Rated Windows

  • A&B Asset windows are typically A- or A+ rated, for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Check out our amazing finance options here at A&B Asset, get up to 3 years interest free credit.


  • Check out the Installation process and everything that happens throughout the project.


  • The units you have had installed should look good for a long time if you follow our guidelines.

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