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UPVC Bay Windows in Suffolk

UPVC Bay Window

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UPVC Bay Windows

UPVC has become increasingly popular because of the multitude of benefits the material offers over traditional materials like hardwood and glass. First and foremost, UPVC is maintenance free meaning that you don’t have to waste a lot of precious time, effort and money cleaning your UPVC windows. Unlike typical wood, UPVC doesn’t fade, flake or chip. You are therefore assured of windows that will look brand new every day for years to come. You just need to wipe your UPVC windows occasionally with warm water and a cloth to make them look brand new.

You also stand to benefit from our wide range of UPVC colours and finishes. We have many UPVC colours and finishes for you to choose from. Our widows are therefore perfect for all home owners including those that have very unique tastes and preferences. We offer highly bespoke UPVC bay windows that match your style perfectly without compromising on practicality and functionality.

Pros of UPVC bay windows from the Olympus Collection

UPVC is undoubtedly one of the most affordable home improvement materials on the market today for people looking for a reliable and stylish option which is pocket friendly.

UPVC also comes with energy saving benefits. With our double or triple glazing options, you can rest assured your home will be kept warm throughout winter. Our glazed widows eliminate draughts which are responsible for high energy bills during cold weather. With draughts out of the way, you won’t be required to heat your home constantly during cold weather. This will in turn reduce your energy bills immensely.

UPVC windows are also easy to maintain as mentioned above. UPVC doesn’t scratch, flake or fade like wood. You just need very little to no maintenance to keep your UPVC windows looking perfect. The widows can also be installed easily in any home. We can replace your existing bay windows or install them from scratch if your home comes with other widows.

Bay windows are extremely popular because of their classic characteristic style. Many home owners love bay windows because of the picturesque style and instant glamour they give a home. The windows also feature a perfect shape which allows light to penetrate into rooms from all angles. The final result is a brighter and lighter room.

Why you should consider installing our UPVC bay windows

  • UPVC is a maintenance free material. You are therefore assured of getting attractive widows minus all the tedious and costly cleaning. Also, UPVC doesn’t fade, chip or flake. You will therefore be investing in windows which will look good for a lifetime.
  • UPVC is a perfect insulator. The superior insulating benefits of UPVC offer you a warmer and more comfortable home throughout the year including winter.
  • Bay windows are a perfect feature for any home. The windows offer a perfect focal point. The windows are also ideal for creating bright welcoming seating areas.
  • We offer the best variety of bay window styles and finishes. You are therefore assured of getting the exact kind of bay window you want.

For more info on the types of UPVC Bay windows we offer, feel free to call our window experts now on 01473 467173.

A Rated Windows

  • A&B Asset windows are typically A- or A+ rated, for maximum energy efficiency.


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