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Bay Windows in Suffolk

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Bay Windows

Bay windows are a very popular feature of Victorian homes. They are the epitome of classic sophistication and British style. Bay windows have many distinct characteristics the most notable being their protruding construction featuring inside angles ranging from 90 – 150 degrees.

Bay windows have become increasingly popular due to a number of reasons. First and foremost, they allow more natural light into rooms than most windows allowing rooms to look bigger and become more welcoming. The windows can also become seating areas creating ideal spaces for relaxing and entertaining yourself and your guests within your home.

Why you should consider choosing bay windows

These windows are very stylish and are bound to attract potential buyers as well as make you home enviable in your neighbourhood. Bay windows have an unmatched romantic look which is capable of improving your home’s exterior immensely.

We can still install bay windows for you even if you already have other types of windows installed in your home. Your home’s character, age and style doesn’t matter. We can create a base and a roof for bay windows on flat front homes creating the support needed to transform your home. We also offer a variety of finishes and styles allowing you to have the exact kind of bay windows you want.

Is it possible to update existing bay windows?

If your home already has bay windows installed, you can still replace your old bay windows with our new more efficient alternative. This will allow you to enjoy the classic and traditional benefits of bay windows plus many other benefits such as energy efficiency. Our bay windows are double glazed which means they offer better energy efficiency than old single glazed bay windows.

Double or triple glazing keeps off draughts ensuring that heat doesn’t go to waste. This reduces the need to constantly heat your home during cold weather. Our new bay windows are also more secure and safer thanks to our secure frames. You can therefore enjoy a warmer, more secure and energy efficient home when you choose our bay windows.

Why you should consider investing in our bay windows?

  • Our bay windows are still ideal for you even if you already have bay windows or you simply want to update your existing windows. Our bay windows feature superior design elements which make them ideal for you.
  • Our bay windows come in a variety of finishes and designs which ensure you get the exact kind of windows you want.
  • You will enjoy energy saving and security benefits thanks to our thicker glazing and more secure frames. You can enjoy a safer and warmer home during cold weather without constant heating resulting in huge energy savings.

For more information on the bay window options we offer, feel free to call us on 01473 467173. We have a team of dedicated experts waiting to assist you in any way.

A Rated Windows

  • A&B Asset windows are typically A- or A+ rated, for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Check out our amazing finance options here at A&B Asset, get up to 3 years interest free credit.


  • Check out the Installation process and everything that happens throughout the project.


  • The units you have had installed should look good for a long time if you follow our guidelines.

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