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Hardwood Rear Entrance Doors in Suffolk

Hardwood Rear Entrance Door

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Hardwood Rear Entrance Doors

Entrance doors are an important part of your home’s first impression. This is precisely why you should consider investing in good doors as you invest in other stylish components of your home. Although most home owners invest in good front entrance doors, many of them forget about rear entrance doors. Below are some of the main reasons why you should consider replacing your rear door.

Why should you consider replacing your rear door?

A hardwood rear entrance door will make a very significant difference in your home’s overall appeal to guests, neighbours as well as family members.

It doesn’t matter if your house leads to your garden via the living room, dining room, kitchen or even bedroom. A hardwood rear entrance door offers a very stylish atmosphere inside and out. Whether you prefer bi-fold doors, single doors or sliding doors, our hardwood doors will still bring that classic tradition and style to your home.


It is important to note that having stylish doors doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compromise on security. Our hardwood rear entrance doors are stylish but extremely secure given the fact that they feature solid wood frames and toughened glass. When you install the doors, you are assured of a great looking door that will last for decades. At A&B Asset, we are extremely confident about the durability of our doors which is why we offer a 10-year guarantee.


A&B Asset believes in security, style, durability and energy efficiency which is why we strive to make our doors energy efficient. All our doors are brilliantly insulated to prevent cold and draughts during cold weather. Our doors are also double or triple glazed to increase heat retention which in turn lowers energy bills since your home doesn’t lose heat during cold weather.

Why you should consider installing our hardwood rear entrance doors

  • Hardwood is a very elegant, classic and traditional material that will remain fashionable many centuries to come.
  • We offer a wide variety of wood finishes and colours ensuring that you end up with a door that matches your home perfectly as well as your personal tastes and preference.
  • You will enjoy lower energy bills thanks to our glazing and expertly sealed units.
  • We use the best most luxurious hardwoods to make our doors. We also source the hardwoods from sustainable and well-managed forest resources. You are therefore assured of high quality doors that are made in an environmentally friendly way.

For more information on our hardwood rear entrance door collection, call us today free on 01473 467173. We have a team of dedicated door professionals ready to answer your call.

A Rated Windows

  • A&B Asset windows are typically A- or A+ rated, for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Check out our amazing finance options here at A&B Asset, get up to 3 years interest free credit.


  • Check out the Installation process and everything that happens throughout the project.


  • The units you have had installed should look good for a long time if you follow our guidelines.

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