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Composite French Doors in Suffolk

Composite French Door

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Composite French Doors

Composite UPVC is undoubtedly one of the best materials for making windows and doors. This can be attributed to the fact that the material is tough but still looks great. Composite doors are made of many tough materials. The result is a perfect door for your home that doesn’t compromise on beauty, security, safety and functionality. Composite UPVC doors combine all the perfect material qualities resulting in an extremely unique and effective door.


This is undoubtedly one of the main benefits of composite UPVC doors. As mentioned above, Composite UPVC doors combine all the strong qualities of different materials. This results in a super strong material. Our composite UPVC doors are composed of blends of materials offering unparalleled security and strength. When you install our composite UPVC French doors, you are assured of having a peace of mind because your home will be secure 24/7. When you couple our strong doors with our built-in multi-point locks, it’s easy to see why our composite UPVC doors are the strongest and most secure.


Security aside, our composite UPVC doors also stand out in style simply because they combine the strength of composite UPVC with the attractiveness of hardwood French doors. French doors have for many years been known to add a vintage classic style to homes. When you combine composite UPVC qualities, you end up with a very stylish door that doesn’t compromise on security.

Maintenance free

Our composite UPVC French doors are also maintenance free. They don’t chip, fade or flake like some doors. The doors don’t need any regular cleaning or maintenance to look good. You just need to wipe them occasionally using a damp cloth to make them look as good as new.


We also offer a wide variety of composite UPVC French doors featuring many different finishes and colours. For instance, you can choose white, green, red, black and blue among many other colours that fit you and your home’s style. We also offer a variety of wood grain options i.e. oak, rosewood among many others allowing you to end up with a truly bespoke composite UPVC French door that matches your unique tastes and preferences perfectly.

Energy Efficiency

You also stand to enjoy energy efficiency benefits when you install our composite UPVC French doors. All our doors are double or triple glazed and feature secure frames which are insulated properly. This eliminates heat loss reducing the need to constantly heat your home during winter. Meaning you pay less in energy bills when you install our doors.

Why you should consider choosing our composite UPVC French doors

  • They are perfect for updating your home’s style because they are reasonably priced (compared to typical hardwood doors) but still look attractive.
  • The doors can open outwards allowing you to enjoy your garden from the inside or out during summer.
  • The doors are a perfect elegant and entertaining addition to any home. French doors are highly regarded.
  • You stand to enjoy great savings in your energy bills thanks to our double and triple glazing as well as our expertly sealed frames.

For more information on the composite UPVC French door options we offer, feel free to call us today on 01473 467173. We have a team of dedicated door professionals ready to answer all your questions.

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