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Origin Aluminium French Doors in Suffolk

Aluminium French Door

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Origin Aluminium French Doors

These renaissance era doors have remained favourable for many years because they let natural light into rooms. Initially, French doors were used as windows which went all the way down to the floor and lead on to terraces and balconies.

This style soon became increasingly popular beyond France. The doors spread to England and other parts of Europe before the end of the 17th century. They have been in many households globally since then. To date, they are still associated with glamour and elegance. The doors are perfect for any homeowner who wants to transform their home and make a great impact.


After many years of design innovations, it is now possible to have classic style French doors coupled with modern benefits such as energy efficiency and security. Their floor-to-ceiling nature allows a lot of light to penetrate into your home. This, in turn, makes your home lighter and more inviting. Your home will also feel larger. These doors give you a number of opening options i.e. you can open both doors or one door, our Origin French doors are hugely practical in any home whether you want easy access to your garden or you simply want doors which can be opened to enjoy natural sunlight or a barbecue.


When you combine the classic elegance of French doors with the strength of aluminium, you end up with doors which are 100% safe and secure without compromising style and aesthetics. Aluminium is a very strong and tough material. It is a material that can be relied on heavily to keep out intruders. When paired with our toughened glass as well as our multi-point locking system, your home will be safe and secure all day and night.


Our Origin aluminium French doors also offer you energy efficiency benefits. You can sit tight knowing that your home is secure and more energy-efficient thanks to our sealed frames as well as double and triple glazing. Origin aluminium French doors are perfectly insulated to keep cold air out and warm air inside during winter. This ensures that heat doesn’t go to waste which in turn lowers energy bills immensely. You can heat your home less during winter and still enjoy a warmer home. This benefit has been desired by many homeowners for a very long time.

Why you should consider choosing our aluminium French doors from the Origin collection.

  • The doors are a stylish addition to any home. French doors fit perfectly on any home regardless of the age and character. The doors, therefore, assure all homeowners of timeless elegance and style.
  • The doors have a variety of opening options i.e. you can open both or one door. This easy operation, variety of opening options as well as safety and security benefits makes our aluminium French doors the best doors for elegance, safety, security and opening options.
  • We offer a wide variety of finishes and colour. You are therefore assured of getting aluminium French doors that match your home perfectly as well as your most unique tastes and preferences.

For more information on the Origin aluminium French doors we offer, feel free to call us now on 01473 467173. We have door experts waiting to answer all your questions.

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