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UPVC Bi-Fold Doors in Suffolk

UPVC BiFold Door UPVC Bi-Fold Door

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UPVC Bi-Fold Doors from the Olympus Collection

UPVC bi-fold doors offer home owners an opportunity to get style and save money at the same time. This can be attributed to the fact that the doors combine the best of both worlds but still allow homeowners to enjoy many other benefits i.e. a fabulous new look/feel as well as lower energy bills. Bi-fold doors are increasingly popular today because of their elegant style and numerous opening options that create the exact kind of atmosphere you want.

You can enjoy a holiday mood in your home during summer by simply installing our UPVC bi-fold doors. Whether you want to be sitting outside on the patio or relaxing in your home, bi-fold doors will create that perfect blur between your garden and home. Our UPVC bi-fold doors also come in a wide variety of finishes and colours. You should therefore expect to get doors that match your taste and style perfectly.

Affordability and energy efficiency

UPVC saves you a lot of money because it is affordable but still packed with numerous benefits i.e. energy efficiency. Our UPVC bi-fold doors are glazed which helps in keeping cold air out and warm air in during cold weather. The glazing improves heat retention eliminating the need to constantly heat your home throughout winter. This results in lower energy bills. Your home stands to be more comfortable, energy efficient and cheaper to run.

No maintenance

It is also important to note that UPVC is maintenance free in nature. Once installed, UPVC doesn’t need regular maintenance to maintain its attractive look. All you need to do is wipe your UPVC doors occasionally with a damp cloth to get that brand new look. It is however important to note that you don’t need to maintain the doors regularly to keep them looking good.


Despite being affordable, energy efficient and maintenance free, our UPVC bi-fold doors are also secure. UPVC is a strong and tough material therefore you can rest easy knowing that you home is safe and secure from harsh weather and burglars. All our UPVC doors feature secure frames as well as heavy duty locks for added security. It is however important to note that this doesn’t affect usability since bi-fold doors are specially designed for easy access.

Why choose bi-fold?

  • Bi-fold doors offer a very unique style that is popular and capable of transforming your home without interfering with the original style.
  • Bi-fold doors make rooms more spacious. The doors also offer security benefits since they are made using toughened glass and secured using heavy duty locks.
  • You stand to enjoy great savings because of our double glazing.
  • They are perfect for linking your home and garden during garden parties.

For more information about the various types of UPVC bi-fold doors we offer, feel free to call us on 01473 467173. We have door experts who will gladly answer all your questions.

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