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Hardwood Bi-Fold Doors in Suffolk

Hardwood BiFold Door Hardwood Bi-Fold Door

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Hardwood Bi-Fold Doors

The elegant, stylish and timeless nature of hardwood bi-fold doors is unmatched by most doors on the market today. The doors are a perfect combination of classic style and modern innovation. Although hardwood doors have been extremely popular for many years, hardwood bi-fold doors take the popularity of wood doors to a whole new level by combining a classic material with modern design resulting in a door that is perfect in all respects.

Hardwood bi-fold doors are perfect for creating a terrace like feeling in your home allowing you to have a holiday-like home during summer. The doors also make your home feel more inviting and larger. Hardwood windows allow natural light to penetrate easily into your home. The windows also offer a fantastic view of the outdoors as well as a refreshing breeze once the windows are opened outwards.


Hardwood is one of the best materials to choose when you want a classic timeless look that matches any home style you can think of. Hardwood has been used in many homes for centuries making it the perfect material for a home owner who appreciates tradition. Considering there are very many wood finishes capable of matching your home perfectly, it is possible to transform your home’s exterior with hardwood bi-fold doors seamlessly.


Our hardwood bi-fold doors are made using solid wood which is extremely strong and durable. Our doors are therefore capable of withstanding the threat of intruders since they are built to last. Considering our hardwood bi-fold doors feature toughened glass, you are assured of total safety and security. You can therefore enjoy your home to the fullest without worrying about security concerns.


Security aside, our hardwood bi-fold windows also have energy efficiency benefits. Our doors come with double glazing which helps to keep cold draughts out and warm air in during winter. Better heat retention translates to lower energy bills since you don’t have to constantly heat your home during winter.

Why choose hardwood bi-fold doors?

  • You stand to enjoy the best of both worlds with bigger brighter windows as well as a transitional door which makes your home feel more open and creates a perfect link to your garden.
  • The doors are a perfect way to make seemingly smaller rooms appear bigger without incurring huge home renovation expenses.
  • You will enjoy lower energy bills thanks to our expertly sealed solid hardwood frames as well as our double glazing.
  • Our doors are easy to operate and secure. They can be opened easily by anyone but remain secure and safe once locked.
  • They are perfect for refreshing your garden and home creating a perfect new look in the inside and out.

For more information on the hardwood bi-fold door options we offer, call us free on 01473 467173. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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