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Origin Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors in Suffolk

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Aluminium Bi-Fold Door

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Origin Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Origin bifold doors are undoubtedly great options for any homeowner who is interested in adding light and style to their home. Installing the doors helps to transform rooms creating areas where homeowners can enjoy unmatched relaxation. Aluminium bi-fold doors make it possible to blur the line between indoors and outdoors by offering fantastic views and brighter rooms throughout the year.

Our Origin bi-fold doors come into their own during summer when you want to create a perfect terrace-like area. Bi-fold doors offer an unmatched open feeling when they are opened wide. They transform rooms into open spaces which allow easy access to the outdoors. With our aluminium bi-fold doors, you can sit pretty and make the best use of summer sunshine and fresh warm air.

Origin bifold doors also work perfectly when you want to host a garden or barbecue party. Your guests can move easily between your garden and house. The doors improve accessibility, movement as well as aesthetics. You are bound to impress your guests with bi-fold doors since their style is unmatched.


Apart from offering accessibility and aesthetic benefits, our bi-fold doors from the Origin collection also offer security benefits because they are made from aluminium which is known for its immense strength. Our bi-fold doors therefore offer unmatched safety without compromising the safety and security of your home. We also use toughened glass alongside aluminium frames to make sure you end up with doors that will remain tough for many years to come.

We also utilise multi-point locks alongside strong frames to offer added security benefits. You can, therefore, rest assured knowing that your home is perfectly safe and secure whether you are in and out of your house. Although our multi-point locks are highly secure, it is important to note that they don’t compromise on operations i.e. you can open and close them easily.


Our Origin aluminium bifold doors also stand out for their style. You can customise our aluminium bifold doors whichever way you want to match your home perfectly. We offer a variety of finishes and colour options to choose from. You are therefore assured of doors that will match your home perfectly as well as your personal tastes and preferences. We have a proven track record of offering stylish doors which are customised perfectly to make your home extremely stylish. Our doors are bound to add value to your home if you ever decide to sell your home.

Why you should consider investing in our Origin aluminium bifold doors?

  • They are an easy and affordable option for transforming rooms in your home to become brighter and more inviting.
  • They offer unmatched energy efficiency thanks to their double glazing which is designed to keep warm air in and cold air out during cold weather.
  • They offer unmatched outdoor experiences during summer and house parties.

For more information on the bi-fold doors we offer, call us on 01473 467173. We have a team of door experts who will be happy to assist you in any way.

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