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A Rated Windows

a-rated-windowsThe lingo of energy efficient terms can be confusing to those not in the know, but once you learn the language it’s soon easy enough to learn. All you need to know is that energy efficient ratings run from A-G with A being most efficient and G being least efficient. Between these ratings you can also have + and – ratings.

To put the A+ rating in perspective, an A- window ensures a home doesn’t lose energy because they only let out as much energy as they let in from the outside.

With our A+ window however, the benefits are truly amazing. A+ windows actually let in more heat than they let out which allows you to use less heating and keep your home warm for a lower cost.

With energy bills on the rise year after year and it becoming more expensive to run your home, it’s important to take measures where you can so that you can save money and run a more affordable home.

With the installation of our A+ windows, you’ll notice a much warmer and quieter home and less need to reach for the thermostat – making for a much more comfortable winter at home.

The best way to future proof your home is to take advantage of the very best technologies and improvements you can make to your home and enjoy a warmer home sooner rather than later.

This also means the energy certificate of your house will be significantly more impressive with a higher band – providing a much more attractive home should you ever decide to sell your home or rent it out.

Why Invest in A+ Rated Glass?

  • With the savings you’ll make on your energy bills, these windows will pay for themselves over time. Making them a worthwhile investment.
  • As this is the highest rated window available, you’re making a sound investment for your future and benefiting from the best possible innovation in energy efficiency.
  • Winter will no longer mean turning the thermostat up full blast or shivering on those frosty mornings with windows helping maintain a comfortable warm temperature in your home.
  • Enjoy a more peaceful home with much more effective noise insulation.

If you’d like to find out more about our A+ rated windows, please ring one of our experts free on 01473 467173 who will be happy to answer your questions and advise you.

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