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UPVC Orangery Conservatories in Suffolk

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UPVC Orangery Conservatory UPVC Orangery Conservatory UPVC Orangery Conservatory UPVC Orangery Conservatory UPVC Orangery Conservatory UPVC Orangery Conservatory

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UPVC Orangeries

Are you looking for a conservatory that looks great all day every day with no maintenance? If your answer is yes, look no further. UPVC is a perfect material for maintenance free conservatories. The material has become increasingly popular over the past few years because it looks great but doesn’t require maintenance. UPVC doesn’t crack, flake or fade. You are therefore assured of a conservatory that looks great every day for years to come.

UPVC is capable of looking as warm as wood thanks to our wide selection of colours and finishes. You can therefore achieve the wooden look with your UPVC orangery minus the maintenance and high cost. When UPVC is coupled with our magnificent orangery design, the result is an outstanding conservatory that is bound to impress you, your neighbours, your guests and potential buyers.

The classic design of orangeries stems from their original purpose. Orangeries were first used in France by wealthy individuals to grow exotic fruits like lemons and oranges hence the name orangeries. Orangeries were invented out of necessity i.e. to grow citrus fruits during the harsh European winters. Today, they are used more for entertainment and relaxation purposes as opposed to growing citrus fruits.

Energy Efficiency

Apart from being maintenance free, UPVC orangeries are also amazingly energy efficient. UPVC offers great insulation which helps to prevent draughts as well as cold from creeping into your orangery. This allows you to enjoy a warm conservatory throughout the year even during harsh winters. It is important to note that most orangeries aren’t habitable during winter. When you choose us, you never have to worry about a freezing orangery.

Our orangeries are also habitable during hot summer months thanks to our vents, fan light windows as well as reflective roof glazing. These design features help to keep our orangeries cool even during hot summer days. You can forget about an overheating orangery during summer when you choose us.

Our UPVC orangeries have a rectangular shape which helps you maximise space. You will therefore be investing in something that extends you home like an extension or conservatory with many other added benefits minus the high cost and hurdles such as getting building permits and getting building approvals associated with typical home extensions.

Why you should consider investing in our UPVC orangeries

  • UPVC doesn’t require any maintenance to keep looking good. You can therefore enjoy your orangery without worrying too much about dirt, flaking, cracking or fading.
  • Our UPVC orangeries are habitable throughout the year thanks to our numerous design elements. You don’t have to worry about an overheating or freezing orangery during extreme weather.
  • We offer a wide variety of finishes and colours to allow your orangery to match your house perfectly as well as meet your tastes and preferences.

For more information about the different UPVC orangery options we offer, feel free to call us on our free on 01473 467173. We have a team of dedicated orangery experts waiting to assist you in any way.

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