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Orangeries in Suffolk

Conservatory & Orangery Awards Winner 2019
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Orangeries are similar to Victorian or Edwardian conservatories. They are however considered to be more elegant in style and innovation. They feature rectangular floor plans which allow them to maximise on internal space. Originally, orangeries were preserved for rich Europeans between the 17th-19th centuries. They were used to grow citrus fruits like lemons and oranges hence the name orangeries. Orangeries were common in manor houses and palaces. They allowed residences to grow citrus fruits throughout the year especially during harsh European winters.

Modern day orangeries

Today’s orangeries serve a variety of purposes. Today’s orangeries also have less space for growing citrus fruits and more space for relaxing. Orangery design has evolved so much over the years resulting in more stylish, classic designs with modern benefits such as energy efficiency. Orangeries can assume many styles and designs. For instance, it is possible to get orangeries which come with internal soffits capable of hosting down-lighting for added aesthetics as well as creating a contemporary feel.

Modern day orangeries also come with numerous connecting door options i.e. bi-fold doors which connect orangeries to homes perfectly creating a perfect space that lends itself to existing building work seamlessly. It is also important to note that you can customise your orangery to meet your personal tastes and preferences as well as your home’s character. We go the extra mile to source brickwork that matches your home perfectly making you an orangery that looks like it has always been part to your home.

Customise your design

We offer our clients a wide range of customisation options to help them end up with orangeries which they can truly admire and call their own. For instance, you can choose whether you want an aluminium, hardwood or uPVC orangery to match your existing door framework, existing window or personal vision, tastes and preferences. Each of these materials has their own unique benefits as well as adaptable options like colour and finishing.

We also offer window and roof glazing options to help you enjoy an energy efficient orangery. Our glazing options allow you to improve the heat retention capacity of your orangery. We also have self-cleaning glass options which eliminate tedious, costly and time consuming maintenance. When you choose our self-cleaning glass, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your orangery frequently to make it look good. You can sit pretty and enjoy a good looking orangery every day for years without incurring maintenance costs.

Why you should consider installing an orangery

  • Orangeries are stylish, classic and timeless conservatories which will never be outdated.
  • Orangeries brighten up homes offering welcoming spaces for relaxation, entertainment among many other uses.
  • An orangery will add some elegance in your home impressing guests, family members as well as potential buyers.

For more information about the orangery options we offer, call us today for free on 01473 467173. We have a team of orangery experts who will be happy to assist you.

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