Best colour front door to sell your house

If you’re trying to sell your Suffolk home, it’s essential to make a memorable first impression. As your front door is the first thing potential buyers will see, it’s safe to say that this is the best place to start to make your home effectively stand out from the crowd.

Believe it or not, colour has a notable influence over our moods and the choices that we make. Did you know the combination of yellow and red makes people feel intensely hungry? Whereas blue is the most popular colour used in offices because people are more productive in blue rooms. So, can colour theory be used to make a home more favourable than others?

The positive meanings behind the door colours

door colours

Of course, there are many different tones and shades, so which one is the most persuasive? It’s interesting to note that since Living Coral was named Pantone colour of the Year 2019, our composite door suppliers have seen a slight surge of requests for vibrant, yet mellow, pink front doors.

Best colour front door to sell your house?

There are two important factors to consider here; where your home is based and the hue of your property façade.

Blue front doors

According to some, it can depend on where you live. For example, homes situated near the sea or water (like Sudbury!) are said to be more ‘sellable’ by utilising tones of blue, e.g. duck-egg blue (RAL 16C33), cornflower blue (RAL 20E51) or a deep sapphire blue (RAL 20D45). Given the fact that shades of blue have a calming, trusting and inviting effect, it makes perfect sense that heritage blues are a particularly popular door colour choice when it comes to selling up. Estate agents with years of selling experience also agree that blue is the best front door colour to sell your house.

Green front doorschartwell green door

Surrounded by the Stour Valley in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, based on our location, it makes perfect sense that the second most popular front door colour is green. Natural and peaceful, Chartwell Green is particularly popular with homeowners looking for a prosperous transaction. Sage, lichen, royal and olive green are also firm favourites for an organically inspired front door.

Property type

It’s also important to think about the type of property façade you have. As a rule of thumb, opposite colours on the colour wheel will usually go well together.

Whether it’s brick, stone or something else, let’s take a look at five property types to reveal the best door colour matches for your specific property type. Homebuyers will be looking at your home for a reason and the majority will want to compliment the property era alongside existing aesthetics.french doors

Half-timbered Tudor houses

Listed half-timbered Tudor homes will need to be in keeping with original aesthetics, so it’s best to match your replacement hardwood door with the property’s original trims; typically dark brown or black.

Red brick properties

From Victorian buildings to cottages to new builds, deep blues tend to be the most complimentary, whilst pale/pastel shades of blue are particularly effective on red brick homes situated near water. Blue-ish greens may work nicely too. A striking shade of red can also be effective with red brick homes in town or city locations that have a white surround around the door frame.

Light stone properties

Cottages with yellow-tinged, cream or white stone will find muted blues, greens and white/cream coloured doors most beneficial. Newer properties or properties in rural settings may also appreciate a natural wood or oak finish, whereas whitewashed brick exteriors in towns or cities can benefit from the elegant, strong lines of an ‘off black’ front door with luxurious glass panelling.

White stucco houses

Vibrant, deep colours can create a real ‘wow’ factor on white Stucco (or rendered) homes. Turn your attention towards deeper shades of green and vibrant yellows. For a smart, luxurious feel, a black front door is a timeless classic that skilfully offsets a white exterior. A grey front door can work particularly well here too, creating an air of delicate sophistication.

Timber cladding/coatingblue aluminium doors

This really depends on the colour of your cladding. Deeper shades can look particularly striking against white/cream timber clad homes, e.g. cobalt blue (RAL 5013) or moss green (RAL 6005). Whereas matching your front door with your cladding can look particularly tasteful, e.g. light grey cladding with an anthracite grey door or natural timber cladding with a natural timber door.

Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to have window shutters, it can make a particularly striking statement to match them to your new front door.

Research the best colour front door to sell your house

Why not take a look at some of the homes that have recently sold in your area – what colour were their front doors? Further inspiration can be found on Instagram via the beautiful @thedoorsofldn account.

Add instant kerb appeal to your Suffolk home with a new front door

You could even go one step further and match a new front door with a new set of window frames. Even better, with an A&B installation, you can save up to 40% off your new windows and doors. Get a quote now or feel free to contact us to discuss your home improvement options further.

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