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5 door features to keep an eye out for in any good door showroom

Hardwood Entrance Door

Though you might not initially think it, window and door showrooms can hold a lot of value – even for those who have settled on their ideal home improvement. We at A&B Asset have an on-site show centre within our Sudbury headquarters, and regularly encourage all our customers to pay a visit to learn a little more about what’s out there.

Helping to inform those seeking to be inspired about what they should look for when considering a door replacement specifically, here are 5 door features to keep an eye out for in any good door showroom.

1. An extensive variety of colours to choose from

An important element to keep in mind when wanting a door that makes sense within your home’s existing aesthetic, bear in mind the number of colours on offer with your choice of door. Typically, aluminium doors will feature a wider variety of shades, thanks to RAL powder coating colour processes, but homeowners who want the flexibility of uPVC can equally be surprised by the number of finishes available.

2. Multiple design options

Though you might already have your heart set on a particular style of entrance door, if the showroom you’re visiting features an eclectic mix, you’ll be able to see the different advantages of each up close. Bifolding doors are much more flexible than say, French doors for example, but are nowhere near as classical. There’s simply no alternative for seeing how each entrance style operates in person.

3. Double glazed panels

A definite consideration for homeowners who want to make a point of keep their properties well-insulated, it’s worth making sure that your chosen door can be supplied double glazed. This simple but effective difference is all it takes to potentially save your home from frequent heat leaks and draughts. Once fitted, your double glazed door will prevent any precious warmth from escaping, lowering your home’s energy usage and reducing heating bills.

4. Configurable furniture and hardware

A factor that will once again determine your entrance door’s overall aesthetic, the type of hardware and furniture integrated can also affect the panel’s use. In terms of security alone, multi-point locking can make or break your door’s effectiveness against intruders, while your choice of letter plate, knockers, and handles should be a natural extension of the slab’s panel design.

5. 10-year guarantee

There’s nothing like feeling safe and secure in the comfort of knowing that, in the event that something should go wrong, you’re protected. That’s why we recommend checking that your new entrance door comes with at least some form of written guarantee, covering you in the unlikely event that your product is defective. We at A&B offer a 10-year guarantee with every door.

All this and more with A & B Asset’s door showroom

Every feature mentioned above is one that the team here at A&B Asset have carefully considered, giving homeowners the variety and innovations needed to make their home entrances something special. For a limited time only, we have 10% off entrance doors! For more information on how we can help, call us on 01473 467 173 or send us an online message.

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